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Picket Fence Studios- Life Changing Blending Brush Set: 10 pieces

Picket Fence Studios- Life Changing Blending Brush Set: 10 pieces

Product Details

If you're a fan of ink blending, creating gorgeous card backgrounds, using stencils to add depth and dimension, or adding delicate inky details to your projects, then you need the right tools to get the job done. It's time to change your life and get the ultimate WOW factor with the Life Changing Blender Brush and Stencil Set by Picket Fence Studios!


  • 10 Life Changing Blender Brushes from Picket Fence Studios
  • 1 reusable plastic stencil with floral design


  • Blender Brush heads range in size from 2x1.5 to 0.25x 0.25
  • Handle length on the Blender Brushes is approximately 4 icnhes
  • Reusable stencil measures 6x 6

See what everyone is talking about and why ink blending has never been easier when you put soft, delicate bristles to ink with these must-have tools. The super fine bristles packed together in these Blender Brushes are the key to soft, gorgeous blended effects and ink coverage. You'll never look at another blending tool the same way again!

How to clean your Life Changing Blender Brushes:

  • Use gentle dish soap and warm water to work the excess ink off the bristles until the water runs clean
  • Allow to air dry; ensure brushes are fully dried before using again on your next project