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DIY Sidewalk Chalk - Flower Bundle

DIY Sidewalk Chalk - Flower Bundle

Product Details

Chalk may seem just a simple kids toy, but it is the start of so many activities. From sidewalks, class rooms and playgrounds. It creates the frame work for many games including Foursquare, Tic-tac-toe, and so many more imaginative games kids play. Use it to play hangman and create outside mazes and worlds. Chalk is all of these things without batteries or screen. Craft Warehouse can make, making sidewalk chalk at home a simple project, as well it makes a pretty good "At Home" activity all its own (with adult supervision). 

This bundle includes everything you need to get started:


· Plaster of Pairs

· Tempura paint


· Silicone mold tray

· Popsicle sticks