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Inspiration & Fun

From the beginning Craft Warehouse was designed to be a store that provides inspiration and creativity. The Williams family learned early on that they can’t be everything to everybody. They decided to fine-tune what categories they focused on and to make those categories as complete and attractive as possible.

Craft Warehouse focuses on providing quality components and supplies that the customer can easily transform to showcase their personal style. The Williams brothers believe in offering classes and events at the stores to provide skill sharing for their community. Each brother brings his own creative style to the aisles with projects and home décor ideas.

The Team

Ask anyone at Craft Warehouse about what makes the stores unique and they’ll say the employees. Craft Warehouse team members are talented, creative people who design many of the projects highlighted and have first-hand knowledge about the products. They understand the customer’s needs and the current trends and share this information with the buyers and managers.

Many Craft Warehouse team members have been with the company for 10, 15 or over 20 years. Ask these long-time employees about their place of work and they’ll say that Craft Warehouse is like a “big family”. The Williams family agrees. They’re a family run business running a business that feels like family. It’s not always smooth sailing, but it’s an enjoyable ride and there’s always something exciting and fun to see on the shelves.